Shantell Pitts (Shantell Pitts) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Shantell Pitts
Shantell Pitts

Recommendations for new cup

I've tried Eva 2 (leaks and rides too high) and the Lily original 2 (makes me too crampy, leaks and won't open).

Admittedly I am still having trouble finding my cervix, which makes me conclude it is high. I've had 2 births (twins), however my vaginal opening seems to crush cups making them impossible to open at the bottom. I'm thinking it's what making it hard for cups to open fully.

Any suggestions on a cup that won't ride high, make me feel crampy and like I'm stretching, and that's easy to open? Second period trying this and I'm back to disposables having such a hard time with this.
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