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02 September 2015 @ 03:45 pm
Hi, I'm new to using a menstrual cup. I'm 33 and have 2 children, but I chose a small cup because I am pretty small, have a light flow, and seem to have a low-ish cervix. I bought a size small Lena cup. It's much firmer than I expected! Inserting it and getting it open are no problem, and I've had no leaks but there's only just enough space between my pubic bone and cervix, so the stem is a problem. It pokes and pinches me whenever I move. I've trimmed it and it's not as bad, but I suspect I will need to remove it completely for it to be comfortable, and that has me worried as I still find removal difficult. I have trouble pinching the base of the cup because it's so round and moves around when I try to grab it. I wonder if a pointier base would be easier to grab? Like on a lunette? Would that be a better choice for me maybe? I don't mind the cup. It's a bit of a learning curve ( I am a pad user) but it would be a lot better if I could iron out the removal troubles and stem discomfort. They are my only real issues.
ysalkeld on September 3rd, 2015 01:25 am (UTC)
i use a lunette, and to be honest I didnt look around a ton (looked more at lengths before i decided to purchase. i did trim the tip and might possibly cut it down a little more. i have found that I can remove it easier if I dont do it first thing in the morning (maybe after gravity has it sit a bit lower) i also re-read the lunette instructions for removal (staying calm, deep breathes-lol:) i also have to use my middle finger and thumb, i have short fingers and cant get a good grab otherwise. i pinch and sort swivel from side to side working its way down. i hope this helps:) the lunette is pretty sturdy, but other than some residual slobber (which i didnt know existed until i found this site:) it works great and I LOVE IT:)
nys311 on September 5th, 2015 04:41 pm (UTC)
I bought a LENA cup as well (size large), and I also have a low-ish cervix. I removed my stem completely, because the LENA, with its wider base, seems to automatically sit lower in my vagina, and it does so far more comfortably than the "pointier" cup I used to use (DivaCup). With the DivaCup, I had to push it up pretty high just so that I couldn't feel the pointy end poking at me, and that resulted in it leaking after it was only around halfway full.

So I think if I were in your shoes, I would practice my removal techniques, and maybe try cutting the stem all the way off of the LENA cup. In fact, what I did (at my boyfriend's suggestion, haha), was use fingernail clippers to "smooth out" where the stem used to be - so now I REALLY can't feel it at all.

The first thing I do, when going for removal, is push with my muscles in the same way you probably did with having your kids. For me, I've found the grip rings alone are pretty sufficient to be able to grab the base. Then, before the cup is even all the way out, I sneak one of my fingers up alongside my vaginal wall, and sort of punch down the rim of the cup, just slightly, enough to break the seal. Then I can pull the whole thing out pretty easily.

Ohh, OR (I just thought of this) -- the other thing you could try is trimming the stem just a smidge shorter, but use fingernail clippers to smooth out the end like I did. Maybe try that first? I bet if the edges are smoother the end of the stem will feel less irritating.