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Question about cup bases

Hi, I'm new to using a menstrual cup. I'm 33 and have 2 children, but I chose a small cup because I am pretty small, have a light flow, and seem to have a low-ish cervix. I bought a size small Lena cup. It's much firmer than I expected! Inserting it and getting it open are no problem, and I've had no leaks but there's only just enough space between my pubic bone and cervix, so the stem is a problem. It pokes and pinches me whenever I move. I've trimmed it and it's not as bad, but I suspect I will need to remove it completely for it to be comfortable, and that has me worried as I still find removal difficult. I have trouble pinching the base of the cup because it's so round and moves around when I try to grab it. I wonder if a pointier base would be easier to grab? Like on a lunette? Would that be a better choice for me maybe? I don't mind the cup. It's a bit of a learning curve ( I am a pad user) but it would be a lot better if I could iron out the removal troubles and stem discomfort. They are my only real issues.
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