henrim (henrim) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cervix Placement and Cup Question

Hello Everyone,

I am new to jumping onto the menstrual cup circuit and am having a very hard time with my cervix placement. After hours/days of research, and then checking I have come to the conclusion my cervix might not actually be where it "should" be. I can only feel something remotely close to what is described towards the front of my vagina, angled towards the right and between my first and second knuckle on my finger for depth. Could this be right? The best way to describe what I am feeling would be to say its like a nose, just a little softer. I can't find anything donut shaped with a small opening. When I bear down (as I said alot of research) this is the only thing that moves further down.

If this is the case, what would I even use, or is there anything I could use. I am 33, have had 2 kids, and have extremely heavy first days of period (super heavy plus tampons every 2 hours). I have seen the doctor about the heavy bleeding and other then surgery which might not even work, there isn't much they can do seeing as I have a family history of cancer. This is just my bodies normal. If it gets to much they can remove my uterus, but I haven't gotten to that point yet. So I just get monitored.

My reason for trying to find a cup is that pads give me open sores, and tampons actually hurt. I know some women can go a while between changing their cups, and I don't expect that to be the case for me, at least the first 2 days, but I am looking for some other option.

I am open to all thoughts and feedback.

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