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I need help I am now back to wearing tampons. BOO. I have had two babies pretty much one after the other they are 16 months apart. I am now back to getting my friend every month and it's super heavy. I have the diva cup 2 now and have turned inside out to get it to feel comfortable. But the thing is it sit really low like almost to the point it might fall out but doesn't. It's been 8 months since I had my last child. Do I need to strength up my muscles or do I need a shorter cup. Please can someone help I really don't want to use tampons anymore. I would also like to try a different brand any recommendations. Thanks to all the cupper's out there.
This is my very first entry.
ysalkeld on August 29th, 2015 08:23 pm (UTC)
i had a size chart and made my decision based on length (I have never measured but i seem like a "shorter" person I got the lunette (for post kids) I also trimmed off part of the tip. on occasion I have to sortof bath and forth it up further. but the suction never seems to fail (like I dont think its gonna fall out. good luck I'm two cycles in and i'm still figuring it out (residual slobber is something I just found out about, thought I had a faulty insert:) love this site for questions!