Nicola Broadbridge (GingerNinjaNic) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Nicola Broadbridge

Low cervix help needed :-( Not sure what to try next!

Hi guys! My periods started again 3 months ago after having my second baby, and unfortunately the arrival of said baby seems to have resulted in everything going south, my cervix is only about 4cm in now and my trusty old mooncup gets pushed out when I walk anywhere :-(

After doing a bit of research I found q couple of other cups to try this cycle, and opted for the small fleurcup and large meluna shorty.

The fleurcup didn't leak, but still felt like it was being pushed down a bit when walking and I could still feel it, even with the stem trimmed off.

Next on the list was the Meluna shorty, which is super comfy and I can't feel it when walking, but the capacity isn't great and I needed to empty it every 3 hours on a heavy day, and then today (day 4) with a lighter flow, it decided to take a trip upwards and then leaked, which was a bit annoying!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next?? I'm tempted by an XL Meluna shorty, but after today's leaky experience I'm not sure??

Please help me as I can't stand tampons and am not a fan of sanitary towels as I have an outdoor job which I'm returning to part time in November.

Thanks in advance!!
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