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1st time diva cup user

Hey everyone. I'm glad I was able to find a community that provides a lot of information on menstrual cups. Okay I'm going to get straight to the point. I just started using the diva cup this week but it hasn't been comfortable so I haven't had the cup in for more than 2hrs. The first day of my period, I was able to get it in using the punch down fold since that works best for me but it would cause cramping feeling which I aside it was too high. Then, on day 3 of my period, I made sure that I didn't insert it too high but it then it felt like the cup was on my bladder but then the feeling of peeing went away but then the cup was irritating me including the stem. Idk what I am doing wrong, I'm able to get the cup in and even though I've only kept it in for 2hrs because the cup was uncomfortable, I at least was able to see that the cup was opened since I didn't have any leakage. I'm just so sad that I wasn't able to get it in a comfortable position. I use Diva Cup size 1. Any advice for a comfortable feel when inserting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Tags: cramps, insertion

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