lalala331 (lalala331) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time cup user!!!

Hi all, new, here, and just wanted to share my feelings about menstrual cups.

Background: 13, virgin, pad-user (until I got my cup!)used tampons like, twice with discomfort. I had known about cups since before I got my period, and I was prepared to try "alternative" menstrual care options.

I was considering getting a cup, after reading about the Ruby Cup back in February. I thought the idea of menstrual cups was so cool! I especially liked the good for the enviroment part, also that I could go swimming without a white cactus inside of me. Fast-forward to July. After thinking on and off about cups for six or so months, I dove in and did some research online (and here on LiveJournal, of course!!) about different cup models, reviews, etc. I was looking for something cheaper...but with good reviews and quality. I settled on the Blossom Cup. The reviews sounded great, so I decided to buy it.(Well, I'm only a teen, so I asked my Mom to buy it.) Anyways, my cup arrived on Wednesday, and I did a dry-run on Thursday. At first, I thought "How am I going to get this...up there" xD. So I tried several folds, and after several trial-and error inserts, I was amazed when it just "went in". I was amazed again when it came out easily (minus some suction)! So I have yet to see my cup's performance during that time of the month, but I have a hunch it will do great!

I am interested to hear your stories about first-time use of a menstrual cup, what model you have, etc. Hope you enjoyed my post. :)


Edit: Finished my cycle with the cup, it was amazing! Although I noticed that the stem was kind of leaning to one side, and poking me a bit. So I cut it off, and wore the cup w/out the stem. It worked great! I actually forgot it was in there!

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