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Cup help :-(

Hi friends! I'm currently on my third cycle with my cup and I've been having some trouble. I'm 22 years old, a virgin, I have a low cervix and I'm using the Ruby Cup Medium. I use the punch-down fold to get the cup in and make sure that the bottom part is fully inflated before I kegel it into place. My uterus is also slightly tilted to the left.

Here are some of my cup woes:

1. On my first/second day, I get intense cramps. I do get cramps on tampons and pads as well but I hoped that the cup could help eliminate the cramps altogether. They aren't that much lighter and still leave me weak and lying in bed the whole day. Does anyone know any natural remedies to get rid of the pain? I'm currently using a heat pack which helps a little, but it would be great to get rid of the cramps altogether.

2. I have to empty my cup every one hour over the entire day. My periods have always been heavy but not this much when I was on tampons (I'd change a super plus tampon once every 2 hours for the first few changes, then I can go 4-5 hours between changes). It's not too bad when I'm at home the whole day but can be an inconvenience when I have to go out. I suspect that it could be because of other gunk (e.g. uterus lining, clots) that take up space in the cup and cause it to overflow so quickly. Should I invest in a bigger cup? I'm eyeing the new Super Jennie cup which is pretty huge (41ml) but I'm afraid it won't make much difference considering I'm already using a Ruby Cup Medium (34ml to the rim).

On my other days the cup is fine but it's just the first 2-3 days that are the worst!! I would really appreciate some help please :-( :-( thank you!!
Tags: cramps, ruby cup
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