martine22 (martine22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help troubleshooting a Diva cup issue - Do I need a different brand ?

I've had a Diva cup for a couple of years now. I've never found insertion to be easy or comfortable. It's basically shape it and cram it in there forcibly, until it makes it to the cervix and can pop open. I've never been able to do a proper rotation as is recommended for a good seal, it's just too tight. Despite this, I've been using it as it's absolutely incredible at night. I've never had a leak and even go to bed with no undies in my white sheets. That's trust for you !. It didn't use to be like this with tampons.

The issue is, apart from the difficulties of inserting it, is that it's not comfortable to wear during the day. I can always feel it as it seems to be positioned too low and it irritates me. Lying down it doesn't annoy me as much and during the night it seems to migrate up a bit and when I wake up in the morning I do not feel it at all.

Removing it, is usually ok, although, I've had to struggle a few times to pull it down far enough that I could pinch it to break the seal.

So I love that it's leak free, something I cannot say about tampons. I love that I could wear it all day and not have to remove it until I get home.

So what could I do to have an easier time inserting it and insuring a good seal. And would a different brand be more comfortable during the day? Has anyone else who feels that everything is too tight have better luck with a different brand?

A little background info. I use the Diva cup 2. I've never had children, and am over 50.
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