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Need advice for choosing a cup for a new cup user

Hi everyone! I've been searching through the posts on this site, trying to decide which cup I should buy, but I'm still unsure, and I could use some help!

A bit about me:
I'm almost 20, a virgin, and have moderate to light flow (just depends on the day). I have a pretty high cervix, though I've never tried finding it during my period (and from what I've read here, it's lower on your period). I also have a very small vaginal opening, which is probably the reason I haven't yet bought a cup -- most of them seem so big, even when they're folded! For me, inserting two fingers at once is a challenge -- and I have small fingers!

I'm completely a pad user, and I hate how messy, bulky, and smelly they are. It's hard to sleep at night when wearing them, because if I lay on my side, I'm likely to leak and stain my underwear (even with the ones that have wings). I've tried tampons, and while they aren't too hard to insert, they are extremely painful to remove if they aren't completely soaked.

I'm so sick of pads and really want to try a cup. I understand there is a learning curve to using them, but I'm willing to try because I want more freedom. However, there are so many out there, and it's hard to figure out which one would work best for me!

Here are some cups I've been thinking about buying:
* femmycycle -- love the no-leak rim and how it doesn't have to open all the way once inserted, though the width is a bit intimidating
* lilycup -- also like their rim and how smooth it looks; plus, I've seen photos of it folded to the width of a tampon
* ladycup -- for the small size

Do you have experience with any of these cups? Would you recommend one I haven't listed here?
Tags: buying decision, buying decisions, femmycycle, first time use, lady cup, lilycup, virginity
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