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Picking a second cup!

Hello everyone!
I've used my Diva cup size 1 (the regular size - I'm under 35, sexually active, and I haven't had a child) for two cycles now. Mine is constantly leaking (some days when I wipe there is blood on the toilet paper; other days it is enough for me to wear a pad - which I know is common on heavy days). I have tried all the folds (the punch down is the best). I've tried putting the fold in at different angles (one facing up, one facing back, one facing to the side). I run my finger around it, and it seems to be opened (there are no dents in it). I have tried pushing it further in and not pushing it further in. I fold it on the holes, and I believe I have a high cervix during my period (I stuck my middle finger in my vagina during my last period and didn't feel anything until I had my entire finger up there). I really like the cup, but it is really frustrating me.

I have done a little research and decided that I probably need a new cup. I've landed on a longer, wider cup from this chart: http://sizecharts.livejournal.com.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the following cups:
-Large Femcup
-L Naturcup
-L Yuuki
-L Diva
-XL MeLuna
-L Luv Ur Body

I do like the stiffness of the Diva cup, so I'm wondering if I should just start with the larger Diva?
Tags: buying decision, cervix position, divacup, femmecup, leakage & spotting, luv ur body, meluna, naturcup, sizes/size issues, yuuki
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