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I've just spent one cycle with my mooncup (B), which is my first cup ever, but on the heaviest day I felt like the capacity isn't big enough. I emptied every few hours (because I was paranoid and still have to learn how much blood I lose and so on) and the cup was always about a third full... I fear that if I wear it for more than about 4 hours I'll leak or overflow.
How many cycle should I wait until I decide if I need a bigger cup for my heavy days? I'm still a cup newbie so maybe you know better before I rush to decisions.

I'm thinking about getting a medium and large classic MeLuna as there is a cheap set on sale (22,50 € for 2 cups) on the German website and then I'd have one narrower and one wider than my mooncup for different days of my cycle.

Any advice?

(I am 24, 160cm, 65kg, not sexually active, no chikdren, no sport besides walking quite a lot, high cervix... if you need this informations)
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on August 4th, 2015 09:11 pm (UTC)
The best way to know what the capacity is...wear it until it leaks :) If it leaks when it's not actually full, you may have an issue like a dangling cervix (sitting in the cup and not allowing blood to fill it up completely) or incorrect insertion. Though with that monster rim I don't imagine much blood would be getting past it.

Also, if you find you need a better capacity, there are many blunt-base cups available--the MCUK is one of the smaller cups because it's V-shaped. You might like the Fleurcup if you want to stay on the firm side!