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Leaking, chafing, and tales of a nomadic cervix

First-time user here, with the Lunette Selene model 1. Age 19, never pregnant/given birth, menstruation situation is routinely A Mess.

I have never had a pelvic exam, but I will soon because I strongly suspect fibroids. I have had ultrasounds with no abnormal findings. I have very painful periods that incapacitate me for the first 2 days. I experience nausea and vomiting as well as fainting due to the pain, which has been happening since my first period nearly a decade ago. Periods that are bad to this extent are considered normal in my family so the pain situation may never fully be resolved. I frequently pass clots, my current period actually started several days late with cramping before the bleeding began. The bleeding did not start until I had passed about 7 small (relatively dry) clots all at once. It's bad.

I switched to cups because for the past year, tampons have been irritating and chafing my vaginal opening to a horrible extent. After each period the opening of my vagina would become very swollen, itchy and painful, and I would have horrible discharge. It would take about a week to clear up. I'm starting to think this is an infection that shows symptoms during and after my period because I'm experiencing some pain/chafing when removing the cup, but the symptoms don't ramp up until after my period is over so only time will tell. I'm really hoping this is not the case. I have never had intercourse or been the recipient of a sex act so an STI is improbable.

Anyways, onto the cup...I've been using it for the past 3 days and I'm definitely leaking. It is not residual slobber. The leaking seems worse at night but it does leak during the day. I'll be leak-free until the menstrual fluid rises past the grip rings on the cup. My cervix does not dangle, in fact it seems to draw up completely during menstruation. I thought I had the leaking issue beat when I realized my high cervix traveled down my vaginal canal during the first few hours of my period, becoming a very low cervix, and positioned the cup with this in mind. It's since drawn back up to being a high cervix and I am still leaking.

My cervix is tilted to the right. I've read that my cervix is supposed to sit inside the cup, but I don't see how this is possible. Am I supposed to insert the cup sideways so the rim surrounds my cervix and suctions around it? I have cut off the stem one segment at a time until it was a comfortable fit and I now have only one segment of the stem left, which I need in order to draw the cup out when my cervix decides to travel upwards again. This greatly limits how I can position the cup, as the stem of the Lunette is very hard and inflexible.

I'm planning on getting a Si-bell cup because the Lunette is very wide and firm. The Lunette is also painful to remove because of the size and firmness, even though I am easily able to fold it into the C-shape for removal. I've flipped the Lunette inside out to use when my cervix traveled downwards but it quickly rose back up within about 2 hours, so I had to remove the cup, flip it rightside-out, and reinsert it. This did not seem to impact the leakage.

I really desperately want this cup to work, at least until my Si-bell arrives. Even with the leakage, I'm never going back to tampons but I'd really like to eliminate or at least cut down on the leakage. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention that I am chronically ill and spend most of the day sitting or laying down (at least for this cycle). This could definitely affect how much I am leaking. Sorry!
Tags: cervix position, chafing/irritation, leakage & spotting, lunette, lunette selene, sleeping, tilted uterus

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