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Still need help and suggestions!

I have been a cup user for about three years now, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Even with the issues, haha. I posted before about having a Ladycup (L) and not loving it 100%. Basically, it was very very slightly leaky, and very "poky" (even with no stem left). I was experiencing some bladder/bowel pressure that was not entirely pleaseant, either. Finally, I also found the suction upon removal to be a bit much.

After posting here for cup suggestions, I made the decision to get a Fleurcup (L). I cut the entire stem off and also filed the ridges off slightly because they were irritating and I could feel them. Again, for the most part, it is amazing. I love the rounded shape, and I never ever have issues with leaking or spotting. I can't feel it once it's in and inserted. For the most part, I can forget that it's that time of the month.

Still, though, I am wondering if there may be a slightly better cup out there for me yet. My main issue (as much as I love, love the Fleurcup) is insertion. I feel like I was spoiled by the Ladycup. I could use the C-fold, and up it would go, and immediately pop open. The opening was slightly uncomfortable, but I was always positive it was open because I felt it. The Fleurcup, on the other hand, does not stay folded in the C-fold long enough for me to insert it all the way. It can get pretty uncomfortable, as it pops out of shape just before insertion. I have also tried the 7-fold, which doesn't stay either. In addition, I have tried the punch-down fold, but I have trouble with the cup going in sideways as there's less of a "this is definitely the bottom of the cup" feeling with this fold, especially since there's no stem. Also, if I do successfully get the punch-down fold inserted, it doesn't pop open. Luckily, I notice within a few minutes if it's not open, but still...

I am left wondering if there's another cup that would be better still than Fleurcup, or if I just need another method to remedy my insertion issues. Ideally, I would have the shape and size of the Fleurcup and the ease of insertion of the Ladycup, maybe with slightly less suction.

Sorry if this is long and wordy, and again, any help is VERY welcome and appreciated!
Tags: fleurcup, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, lady cup

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