questiontyme (questiontyme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need longer, less suctiony cup than Lunette small?

Hi I have a small Lunette and it is ok but I don't use it
a) because sometimes it hurts, I think it's the suction rather than at a specific point (do you think it's suction?) Maybe that could be reduced.
b) it's too hard to get out. I've had it for a while so I don't think it's practice but it's really hard to reach the stem, especially using just one finger. :(

Width is ok although less wide might be better. It's never leaked.

So I think either there are no cups that will work or I need a longer cup, maybe softer or less suction?

I'm looking at the small Si-Bell, the small Lily Cup or even this crazy valved cup called Victoria's Love if the original long version (or any version) can even be bought.

I don't want to waste money trying more than one more really.

Please help.

Also a consideration, the longest softest Meluna that has a ring and tie floss to the ring? :S

Many thanks,
Tags: si-bell
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