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29 July 2015 @ 09:20 pm
Received my new luv ur body and thought I'd share my initial thoughts.

Been using a large fleur which is a fantastic cup with good capacity as I have heavy periods. Not quite my goldilocks but pretty close.

I ordered the large size as I have a low cervix (between the first and second knuckle) and it is shorter than the medium.

I think a wider cup might suit me as water does get in when in the bath and I also leak when I exercise so I hope the extra width will help with that.

It feels similar in softness to the fleur but is bigger so probably not for first time users or those still getting to grips with smaller cups.

Here's some pictures next to my large fleur.

Update: started using it today. Pleased I can accommodate it and no leakage so far. Main thing is my cramps have disappeared as soon as I changed to this cup (I had my fleur in earlier). So far so good!

End of pictures
margalee on July 31st, 2015 10:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting such awesome comparison photos! The large LUB really doesn't look so intimidating next to the Fleur. I went with the medium because I have a high cervix and I thought the width of the large might be a bit much.

I love my LUB. Definitely my goldilocks. Soft, extremely easy to insert, absurdly good capacity, and very leak-proof. I can fill the entire 38 ml capacity without leaks, which is amazing. First cup I've had that I felt totally confident leaving the house for hours at a time without backup on a heavy day. No ruined panties and no need for cloth pads (which is great, because July where I live is brutally hot).

My LUB doesn't get rid of my cramps... I wonder if the wide rim of the large size is responsible? So tempted to try...
eyaf_lemeyaf_lem on August 1st, 2015 03:28 pm (UTC)
I've had to change back to my fleur today. I experimented with inside out but managed to pass a clot whilst wearing it (no idea how it snuck past the cup) and I wondered if it didn't seal well so I went back to right way out today. Had a bath earlier to test if it takes in water. It did (so does fleur though so it could be my anatomy). Reason I changed is I had the LUB in and out so much today It is difficult to get it to pop open and it was starting to hurt. I have had a relatively cramp free period which is unheard of for me (only used 4 painkillers in the last 3 days) but also had a lighter than normal period when compared to previous months so it could be a coincidence. I have had to empty the LUB every time I got to 7.5ml as it has started to leak. The reduced capacity means that I get more with fleur (it half fills before starting to leak so about 15ml). I'm hoping that super Jennie will start supplying to the UK soon so I can give it a try.
margalee on August 2nd, 2015 12:04 pm (UTC)
Arg! Sorry to hear that. Sounds frustrating.

For me, getting the right cup was such a crapshoot. There's definitely more going on than diameter, length and capacity. Some cups just inexplicably leaked for me. Medium LUB and XL Meluna are the first reliably leak-proof cups I've tried. Before that, I relied mostly on Fleur, which was good, but couldn't fill past the halfway point without leaking, and still randomly leaked sometimes at the quarter-full point.

Good luck!