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Help Needed

Has anyone successfully used a cup with a prolapse? I have a mild cystocele after having 2 babies, and I am currently trying the Sckoon Cup large with the stem cut off. I am inserting as far as I can, but it doesn't go up very far passed my pubic bone, and then sinks during the day, especially when using the bathroom or moving around a lot. I was able to use it all day yesterday even though it sat very low and slightly uncomfortable. That was my first day of my period which is lighter. Today, a heavier day, the cup would not stay in place and kept falling to the point I was uncomfortable and afraid it would fall out completely. Because of it falling, I reinserted 3x today, and it was about 1/3 full each time. I am not sure if my problems are from inexperience (this is about my 4th cycle trying the cup), a bad fit, or because of my pelvic floor issue. I know someone with a cystocele who successfully uses a cup, but they did say it hangs out a little but they deal with it. I feel that I need it to stay in place for me to benefit from using it. This person suggested trying a shorter cup, but I don't know which cup would be shorter or if that would help? Also, is it possible my vaginal wall gets stretched out after a day of successful use? I am trying to understand why I can get one day of semi-successful use each time I try, but the subsequent days fail. One more question (sorry so long!) Sometimes after the cup has been in for a while and feels fine, all of the sudden I start to have intense internal cramping pain like the cup has shifted into a bad position maybe? When I go to remove it, it does not feel like it moved, yet reinserting makes the pain go away. What could be good on?
Thanks for any help!
Tags: cramps, sckoon, sckooncup, sizes/size issues

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