excvpride (excvpride) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna classic inside out

I'm a relatively new cup user(I'm 17 y/o and a virgin, if that helps at all) with a classic medium MeLuna, which I'm happy to say fits me rather nicely for a first cup. However, there's a single issue; it only works- or works much better, if the former statement is a bit of an exaggeration- inside out. I originally tried flipping it only because the stem sometimes irritated the opening of my vagina as the cup shifted and wanted to see if cutting it off would work, but I found that, to my surprise, flipping stops the cup from moving around altogether and thus eliminating all minor leaks/pain/etc that I had before. It's also much more comfortable somehow(I used to be able to ever so slightly feel it inside me but not anymore) as well as popping open easily; The only downside is that the complete lack of a handle makes removal a bit messier.
I've been using it like this for two cycles now, does anyone else constantly use their Melunas inside out? Also, what could possibly be the reason for this(maybe it's the texture since the inside seems to be a bit rougher/stickier but I've never heard about that making a difference)and which factors should I consider if I ever buy another cup, for it to work normally? Is there any way/ tips to get the cup to stay in place right side out?
Tags: inside-out, meluna, popping open, stem length/trimming

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