councilwomanope (councilwomanope) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I no longer dread my periods

Just had my 3rd cycle on cups, and it was the best period I've ever had! For those who are new to cups like I am, the initial struggles are absolutely worth it.

I’ve learned that I bled ~60mL per cycle, and I never before had any idea how much I bled with pads/tampons. PMS and cramping have been reduced a lot in both intensity and duration. What a genuine relief to not wake up and worry if I leaked through my sheets, despite willing myself (somehow) to minimize movements while sleeping. I used to feel the tampon inside of me when I sat a certain way. I don’t feel anything with a cup, and it was great! No more worrying about changing pads/tampons in public restrooms. I only need to empty my cup 2x/day, and it’s seriously amazing! Plus, I won't need to replenish my monthly supplies for a long time -- all set for several years with my cups and cloth pad panty liners.

There is a downside... I love cups so much that I bought another one! I got a Lunette, because I felt the shape/dimensions would work for me. The 50% discount didn't hurt. I found it was easier for me to pop open, and there was no residual spotting. I still used my MeLuna for my light days. Both brands work great for me.

A big thanks to the users of this community for all the helpful tips, even though you’ve probably encountered the same questions over and over again through the years. How I wish I knew about cups sooner.
Tags: lunette, meluna, success stories
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