jq2thebq (jq2thebq) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is bleeding different when using a menstrual cup

Hello, I am new to using the Menstrual cup. All of your posts have been wonderful with solving my own issues when using the Diva cup. Now that I feel like I am getting insertion and removal down I noticed other bleeding issues. I have always had gushing, clotting periods, that made life difficult when using pads. Using the Diva cup has been wonderful in that regard. However, I have not noticed any clots and the blood is very thin. When emptying my Diva there is lots of, what appears to be, fresh blood. Is this normal? I just want to make sure I am not injuring myself and the fresher looking blood is normal. This morning when showering I left my diva cup out but noticed I continued to bleed while bathing, normally my period slows or stops when I am in the shower. may be switching cups since I seem to be able to feel a tight burning sensation in my abdomen when using the Diva. I am 36 and using the size 2, never had a baby.
Should I be concerned or is this normal?

Thank you :-)

Update: Forgot to mention, for those who are reading this and are thinking about trying a cup, I usually have debilitating cramps. I call in sick, get the heating pad, and drug myself the first day and then once i get the pain controlled i take a pain killer every six hours to stay ahead of it. This goes on for the duration of my period. When my period started this round, i inserted the diva cup and noted the cramps were not so bad. After a few hours of it in, i had no cramping at all. I did not need any pain killers, at all, this menstrual cycle. Hopefully that will be the norm.
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