xilluminate (xilluminate) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sckoon VS Lunette

So I tried the softcup a few weeks ago (thanks for the help on that by the way!), but unfortunately it kept leaking and not catching anything.I think that, unless I inserted it wrong, it just wasn't the right shape for me, since it was vertical and the blood just went above it. Since then I've messed around with tampons and gotten much more comfortable with my body, so I'm planning on buying a real non-disposable cup, and I've narrowed it down to the Sckoon and Lunette. I would get both in size one, but I'm afraid that they'd both be too big. I'm thinking the lunette because size one is designed for younger users, and I'm a young virgin with a low-ish cervix. However, side-by-side, the sckoon seems smaller to me. Does anyone who's used one or both have any reccomendations/warnings either way? Thanks!
Tags: lunette, sckoon, sckooncup

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