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Hello everyone!

After lurking around the community for a few months, I decided to join and created a LJ account only for you (cool, huh? Hope I'm getting this right...). I wanted to try menstrual cups for a few years now after a friend from uni told me about MeLuna (because I'm living in Germany and it sounded like a good, cheap choice at that time), and later again (I had forgotten about it for a while) on twitter. I was excited and wanted to finally do it! But I couldn't decide which brand to buy, even after comparing and reading and researching...

But then a wonderful friend gifted me a MCUK (B) - which is why I'm here to chat a bit.

First thoughts: OH DAMN THIS THING IST HUGE! How is this ever going to fit inside my 23y/o virgin vagina? Second thought: But it's so squishy! I can do that!

Which is why I decided to give the cup a dry run (Yes I know, I've read that it's not a good idea because the vagina is different outside menstruation... I did anyway). So the first time was a bit scary, I guess. I boiled the cup, then used water as lubricant and folded the cup in the punchdown fold. It would go in but not pop open, so I removed my cup (now a bit sticky with my normal discharge..which was funny to see). After a few minutes I tried the C-fold, and it worked. Well, it went inside, I had difficulties popping it open, traced around the rim, heard the air be sucked inside the cup and then it would sit tight inside me. After wearing the cup for a few minutes I noticed that it travelled upwards. At first it was quite low, stem poking out a bit, but then it went upwards towards my cervix. I tried not to panic although I really though my vagina ate the cup...

Getting the cup out was tricky, and it HURT. I suppose because I wasn't able to release the seal properly, because I felt like my vagina was being pulled inside out... my fingers are short and my cervix is quite high so I couldn't reach the rim - the thick, firm rim. Somehow, after lying down on my bed, I got the cup out and I felt very very sore, like bruised from the inside.

The next day, because I am brave and a bit stupid when it comes to things like that, I decided to try again (dry run again). Inserting with C-fold and popping open, no problem. Removing, painful again. I had to lie, squat, sit in the bathtub which was cold and uncomfortable. Although I giggled when it literally POPPED out of me, shooting discharge around. Sore, but somehow it makes orgasm a few hours afterwards different.

Anyway, today I'm on a not-dry-run, but on the day before my period really kicks in. I get a lot of yellowish brown fluid with a bit of blood, and tomorrow will be an ocean of blood. So I inserted the cup, effortlessly, wore it for a few hours, didn't feel anything (I guess the travelling up bit is normal and I don't have to worry? I read all the charts and diagrams by the manufacturers are wrong?) and removing was a bit easier, but still uncomfortable and making me sore because I have to put so many fingers up myself alongside the cup. But peeing and pooping with the cup inside me worked fine, also masturbating. So... I'm looking forward to my real period.

What can I do better, anyway? I have difficulties releasing the seal and I am scared that it will hurt more on my period because I am very sensitive then.
I have thought about enlarging the air holes if I notice that I still have problems during period use. BUT HOW DO I ENLARGEN THE TINY HOLES? I don't want to buy extra tools. Can I use a needle or something like that?

Thank you for reading and hopefully, advice!
I will write again during/after my first cycle with the MCUK.

UPDATE: so my period finally started today! Later than I expected because of the first droplets of blood a few days ago, but maybe my vagina was a bit confused. I could open my cup without problems, it opens with a satisfying slow hiss (after being inserted with an extremely awkward rubbery squeak) and did not leak yet. First time removing after 3 hours (to be safe) resulted in a one quarter full cup and bloody fingers. I think that some blood was left beneath the cup after reinserting because my newly washed fingers came away a bit bloody while checking the seal. I think I need more practice.
So far I am happy! But let's see how I survive the night.
yayforcupsyayforcups on July 23rd, 2015 08:29 pm (UTC)
You may find trying to do an internal punchdown fold with one finger on the cup rim breaks the suction and removes the cup relatively easily. When you pull the cup down do it gently either walking it down or stirring it, just until you can get to the rim.
The mooncup has quite a low capacity for most people due to the holes being so low down, on some peopl they can fill above the holes... Good for them! But on most when it gets above the holes- it leaks.
I hope the punchdown on exit helps the soreness :)
amethyst_magpie on July 24th, 2015 10:46 am (UTC)
It's hard for me to reach the rim, even when bearing down. I hope it gets easier when I'm on my period...
I think I have a light to medium flow, I could never really tell how much when using tampons.
kenna18155 on July 24th, 2015 02:27 am (UTC)
One thing that helped me with the seal was practicing kegels before I started using my cup for real. Do some research and perhaps you could work on kegels and strengthen up the muscles down there -- it helps get the cup nearer to the entrance, making it easier to grip/pinch to unseal.

As far as the seal release itself goes, I find it easier to just ease one finger up beside the cup and push against the side of it a little. It feels kinda weird, but is often effective in releasing the seal, and then I can pull the cup out easily.

I also HIGHLY recommend checking out Precious Stars Pads on YouTube and looking at the cup removal videos (two or three, I think?). Bree is an awesome YouTuber, and has boatloads of great information on cups, including insertion and removal tips. Hope I helped :)
amethyst_magpie on July 24th, 2015 10:50 am (UTC)
The youtube channel is amazing, thank you for the recommandation!
And I shall do research on kegels!
Yuncloud_and_smoke on July 24th, 2015 05:06 am (UTC)
just pinching the base of my cups never got them unsealed, so what I do is pinch the base real tight for a good grip and then I twist and that forces part of the rim to detach and unseal :)
amethyst_magpie on July 24th, 2015 10:53 am (UTC)
Right now that seems to work for me, too: insert index and thumb, bear down to grab the stem, pull the base, pinch, squeeze (really hard, because the mooncup has such a firm rim...) and wiggle/walk down. Twisting though...outch.
It still feels weird, but I will need more time, I guess.
mossmorton on July 24th, 2015 11:41 pm (UTC)
You could try inserting the cup lower by letting the cup pop open sooner and let some air into the cup before it gets to high up. When the cup pops open inside of you a suction is formed and something has to fill the space, which might be your cervix. Getting the cup in lower, with a little headspace, if you will, may help with removing it later, too.
Good Luck
amethyst_magpie on July 25th, 2015 07:20 pm (UTC)
Oh, I actually already do that! I open it while the stem is still poking out and I can hear the "ffffffff" of the air streaming in while the C fold opens. It rides up afterwards though.