sue897 (sue897) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My lunette has a strong plastic smell

Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here!
So I recently got a lunette model 1 cup at a discount since the color was going out of stock. I was under the impression that the silicone wasn't suppose to smell, but it had a REALLY STRONG plastic/silicone smell when I opened it. I just thought it would go away when I washed it. Unfortunately, it didn't. Has anyone had this problem before? Is it still safe to use or is it defective? I'm a little wary of sticking something with such a strong plastic smell in me...

By the way, I'm not able to boil it because I spent a lot of time convincing my mom to let me buy a cup, and she'd probably explode if I had to boil it in the kitchen (even if I used my own pot).
I sent a email to lunette, but they didn't reply yet.

Thanks for the help!

*UPDATE: Lunette replied and said the cup should not smell, but it could have picked up smells from packages as it was in transit. They suggested I boil it, and if that doesn't work, use lemon and let it air-dry. I put it on my windowsill, and the smell dissipated a little. I'll do the lemon thing and then use it (after washing it obviously). Again, thanks for the help everyone!
Tags: first time use, lunette
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