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Saruwatari Aiko - love seems to hate me
20 July 2015 @ 08:08 am
Hello there! I'm pretty new to the community and to using menstrual cups. I really wanted to post my own review on the various cups that I own. I have a LadyCup (S), MeLuna (M) Soft & Classic, Meluna (XL) Classic and LUB (L).

*LadyCup (S) - This was my very first cup and I actually wanted to get the (L) but it was out of stock at the shop. The sales assistant told me that it would be fine to use and I just had to empty my cup more often. Boy, was that a bad decision! The cup was leaky and just too small to handle my heavy days. I did not have a peaceful sleep as I had to get up every 1 to 2 hours to empty the cup. It popped open fine but was just too leaky and too small for me.

MeLuna (XL) - My second cup. I bought this after spending many hours comparing the sizes of the cups that were available for sale at the shop. I did not want a transparent cup and the (XL) was the only one that was coloured and had a stem. It worked pretty well and I averaged about 4 hours before it started leaking. And even then, the leaking was pretty minor. This cup was a bit painful to use at first as I could feel it springing open inside and it gave me such a shock when it happened.

MeLuna (M) - I bought the (M) because it had a bigger capacity compared to the LadyCup and it could handle my lighter days. But I made the wrong decision of getting the Soft...it was way too soft to handle my pelvic muscles and I just could not get the cup to pop open no matter what I tried.

LUB (L) - I was on the look out for a cup with a greater capacity when I saw Margalee's post on the LUB. It works really well and I averaged about 6 to 7 hours at night before I had to empty the cup. It pops open really easily and holds a lot of blood before it starts to leak**.

Well, it has been a bit of a trial and error but I think that I've finally gotten my two cups that I can use regularly during my period; LUB and MeLuna (M). I was quite worried that I would spend a fortune before I found the right ones for me and I'm really glad that I've finally found it.

*Disclaimer: I bought the LadyCup and Meluna because it was physically available in-store and along with MoonCup were the only brands of cup available in Malaysia. The LUB was purchased from Feminine Wear's website.

**I've since discovered that my period is quite "interesting" in that the first day is light, the second day is very heavy (LUB capacity is 38.75ml x 7 changes = 271.25ml and that equates to 18 tbsp), third day is fairly heavy, and subsequent five days are very light.
margalee on July 25th, 2015 04:00 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm so glad my review of the LUB led you to get it--AND that it worked out for you. We must be period twins, because my goldilocks set it also Meluna+LUB. My flow isn't quite is heavy as yours, but it's on the heavier end, and most of the volume comes out on the second day... LUB really sorted out that day and overnights for me.

Cheers! Happy periods.