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Mini Review

Hello there! I'm pretty new to the community and to using menstrual cups. I really wanted to post my own review on the various cups that I own. I have a LadyCup (S), MeLuna (M) Soft & Classic, Meluna (XL) Classic and LUB (L).

*LadyCup (S) - This was my very first cup and I actually wanted to get the (L) but it was out of stock at the shop. The sales assistant told me that it would be fine to use and I just had to empty my cup more often. Boy, was that a bad decision! The cup was leaky and just too small to handle my heavy days. I did not have a peaceful sleep as I had to get up every 1 to 2 hours to empty the cup. It popped open fine but was just too leaky and too small for me.

MeLuna (XL) - My second cup. I bought this after spending many hours comparing the sizes of the cups that were available for sale at the shop. I did not want a transparent cup and the (XL) was the only one that was coloured and had a stem. It worked pretty well and I averaged about 4 hours before it started leaking. And even then, the leaking was pretty minor. This cup was a bit painful to use at first as I could feel it springing open inside and it gave me such a shock when it happened.

MeLuna (M) - I bought the (M) because it had a bigger capacity compared to the LadyCup and it could handle my lighter days. But I made the wrong decision of getting the was way too soft to handle my pelvic muscles and I just could not get the cup to pop open no matter what I tried.

LUB (L) - I was on the look out for a cup with a greater capacity when I saw Margalee's post on the LUB. It works really well and I averaged about 6 to 7 hours at night before I had to empty the cup. It pops open really easily and holds a lot of blood before it starts to leak**.

Well, it has been a bit of a trial and error but I think that I've finally gotten my two cups that I can use regularly during my period; LUB and MeLuna (M). I was quite worried that I would spend a fortune before I found the right ones for me and I'm really glad that I've finally found it.

*Disclaimer: I bought the LadyCup and Meluna because it was physically available in-store and along with MoonCup were the only brands of cup available in Malaysia. The LUB was purchased from Feminine Wear's website.

**I've since discovered that my period is quite "interesting" in that the first day is light, the second day is very heavy (LUB capacity is 38.75ml x 7 changes = 271.25ml and that equates to 18 tbsp), third day is fairly heavy, and subsequent five days are very light.
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