littlelune810 (littlelune810) wrote in menstrual_cups,

help choosing new cup

I have been using a large Sckoon for my last several cycles. I have gotten good at inserting it, popping it open and making sure it's places correctly. My issues are :

-I have a paraguard IUD and have an extremely heavy period for 2-4 days(heavy as in I soak an ob ultra tampon in less than 2 hours.) I have had to empty my Sckoon cup like every 2 hours or so as well, which is incredibly aggravating since I have two little kids at home.
- I guess I have a dangling cervix. I have noticed that the Sckoon will start to leak when it is only 3/4 way full which I attribute to the cervix issue.
- I don't think I like the bell shape of the Sckoon, it seems to press on bowel and bladder, and would like to try a more tapered shape like the fleur cup.
- I am 28 and I have had 2 babies vaginally.

Bottom line: I hate that I'm changing tampons and or emptying menstrual cups ever 1-3 hours for 3 days straight. I need a better solution because I have been resorting to both cup/tampon AND reusable pads. I love my paraguard and don't want it removed, there must be a better solution.

Right now I'm leaning toward trying the fleur cup. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
Tags: fleurcup, heavy blood flow, iud, leakage & spotting, sckoon, sckooncup
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