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15 July 2015 @ 08:25 pm
I will (embarrasingly) admit that I left my soiled pads sitting in my wet bag for too long. Long story short: I didn't get around to washing them before going on vacation and when I got back from vacation things got really busy and I forgot all about them.

My typical wash routine is to rinse them until the water is clear, soak them in an oxy stain remover (I use the seventh generation brand), rinse them again, check the stains, re-treat with stain remover if necessary (very rare), use a small amount of detergent to hand wash, then rinse. When I washed these pads a few were still stained after treating with the oxy stain remover so I got more serious and used a shout brand spray. Still stained. I'm jealous of those who can use their pads and wash them without staining being a problem because if I don't soak mine in stain remover they will come out looking exactly like they went it. It must be the makeup of my blood. I fear they are stained forever at this point.

It may be worth noting that the stain has a weird green-ish tint to it. I've heard of other people having green stains. Does anyone know what causes the green color? Something in the blood, a chemical in the soaps, both? I take daily iron pills so that could be a cause for both the stubborn staining as well as the green tint. I have no idea.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any stain removing tips because the long wash routine is getting frustrating.

On a side note, if anyone else has ever forgotten to wash their pads for an embarrassingly long period of time I'm sure we'd all like to hear about it and feel less alone in that area. Lets face it, we've all been there.
Meganarwen_17 on July 16th, 2015 12:38 am (UTC)
I use hydrogen peroxide before washing, but I'm not sure it will help with stains post-wash. Good luck!
jennifer_1991jennifer_1991 on July 16th, 2015 01:04 am (UTC)
I actually used to do that and it never seemed to make a difference so I stopped.
sweetrumbellesweetrumbelle on July 18th, 2015 02:24 am (UTC)
Wash, or just rinse them again and then leave them to dry in direct sunlight. Sunlight seems to remove stains from a lot of things, even "stained" cups.
Enlevéenleve on July 16th, 2015 07:12 pm (UTC)
When I work on washing pads, most of the blood stains come out with soaking for 2 hours in hydrogen peroxide. But if that doesn't work, I would suggest scrubbing with sportwash, then soaking in sportwash and water. Then putting into the wash.

Sportwash is often available at hunting equipment stores. http://www.atsko.com/sport-wash-laundry-detergent-2-quart-64-wash-loads/

Another option is to use a detergent with enzymes in it. The one that I use is liquid Tide Free.
jennifer_1991jennifer_1991 on July 17th, 2015 02:10 am (UTC)
I've never heard of sport wash before but that looks like exactly what I need. I have terribly sensitive skin so that could be good to use for my regular wash too. Thanks!
Auraaraminya on July 22nd, 2015 10:56 am (UTC)
How long do you soak them for? I end up soaking them for a day or two (or longer...) because I'm lazy and don't want to clean them. I might or might not add a dash of hand soap, either to the soak, before, or after soaking when I rinse them, if there's still something. Might scrup a Little bit then. Then I let them dry and put them in the washing machine. No probs. :)
jennifer_1991jennifer_1991 on July 27th, 2015 10:30 pm (UTC)
It depends. Sometimes just a day, sometimes longer. Never less than 24 hours though. I, too, am lazy and I will either forget about them (because I stick them in a bucket behind my door--out of sight, out of mind) or I will just keep telling myself "I don't feel like it".