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Super Jennie Photos

I ordered the SuperJennie on the 9th. It arrived today, the 13th. It shipped from California, and I am in Texas. I took a bunch of comparison photos. It feels squishier than the large Lunette and Large Fleur. It also feels a bit sticky because it doesn't have the peachy finish on it. The one thing I do like is that it has measuring lines, I just wish it had more. If you make a cup with that much capacity, why stop the measuring lines at 15mL?
I think I'll have the opportunity to try it out very soon and I'll write a review then.

The cup with the bag it came with.

Blue on left is large Lunette, SuperJennie in the middle, Large Fleur on the right.

Showing how the rims are the same diameter, but shaped slightly differently.

They seem to squish the same amount.

The large Lunette fits inside!

So does the (bare) large Fleur.

It has stars between the grip rings if you are into decorations.
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