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Buying my second cup

Hello everyone, I know you answer tons of "Buying decisions" and "Please help" posts, but who else could we turn to, you are the experts :D

I am 28 yrs old, not very active, have had 2 vaginal births and with medium flow. The cup I have been using for over a year is a large meluna classic with a ring. I also have the medium meluna classic because I wasn't sure which size would suit me best so I got the reasonably priced starter kit. The medium was small for me, as it leaked and would easily slide out when I pull even when it has fully opened.

So you might wonder what my problem is. I LOVE using a cup, and wouldn't go back now that I have tried it, but my large meluna always leaks on day 1 (sometimes on 2nd or 3rd day) even when it is just half full. I always wear panty liners because of trust issues! I am 100% sure that it has opened and has formed a seal, because I can turn it around and I feel the suction and tug when I pull on it. So I was thinking maybe I need a cup with a bigger diameter. The problem with that is a bigger cup will probably be longer and my large meluna sometimes bothers me a bit as I feel it poking out. I have tried locating my cervix (while on my period) and can reach it before getting my second knuckle in. So I'm guessing that's a low cervix?

I want to get a new cup that addresses these issues and to use my meluna as a back up. I haven't tried a silicon cup before so I can't compare firmness. Any input on that?

I thought of getting a meluna XL shorty but I'm worried about capacity since my L already leaks. I also thought of a large fleurcup but I'm concerned about it's hight and I'm not sure how comfortable a stem would be (I really like the ring!). I emailed the company asking about colors and they said only clear is available now, I hear that clear ones yellowed and looked dingy after some use.

I'm looking for something that wouldn't break the bank, as I don't want to pay a lot for a cup that may not work for me. Unfortunately I'm not in the US so I can't really buy anything from mc_sales.

Sorry for the long post. Any brands recommendation or advice that helps me keep using cups would be greatly appreciated :)
Tags: buying decisions, fleurcup, meluna, sizes/size issues
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