Thora (thoraofthenord) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New cup, reaching that "age break"

Hey all,

I've had my Diva 1 for over 6 years now. It's been my only cup, and it's...well, it needs to be retired, let's put it at that.

I'm thinking of switching to a MeLuna sport. Probably a medium size. But. I'm 28, so, do I need to worry about getting a larger size since cup manufacturers recommend a size larger at 30? I definitely need the sport, as I used to be a very active equestrian, and now mostly train in steel longsword, but still have very strong pelvic floor muscles. I am childless, and will always remain such, so that's not a factor. I do really like the fit of my diva, which is why I pegged a meluna at medium since I believe it's the closest to the diva dimensions.

Just wanted some thought consensus before pushing an order. =)
Tags: buying decision, divacup, meluna
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