failsafe8 (failsafe8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Surviving the apocalypse : Menstrual Cups and TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, Prepping

I wanted to have a discussion about menstrual cups and survival situations. Feminine Hygiene is a big issue in a post-apocalyptic or even regular survival situation. But yet it seems to be glossed over in the media and even on some survival blogs. In alot of the popular end of days shows TWD, Fallen skies, they never address this issue. We see the characters hunting for food, water, etc but never a tampon.

Cloth pads are great don't get me wrong and disposables are nice for convienence, but in a long term (weeks or months) situation either product seems like it would be difficult to manage.

The issue with disposables would be finding a regular supply. In a major calamity the stores will be stripped of that sort of thing. And Cloth pads have to be washed and dried and can be bulky.

So I'm wondering do we have any MC LJ users who prep or are thinking about long term survival (weeks, months, years). What do you plan on using? Does anybody have suggestions for storing a unused menstrual cup for long term? And if you're forced to pack out what would be your go to product, a few disposable for convinence, a menstrual cup for reduced bulk?
Tags: camping & backpacking
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