hotpinkbeacon (hotpinkbeacon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Firm, round bottomed cup recommendation?

Hi, I've been having trouble with my small classic meluna being flattened when inserted, even though the seal is formed. I've posted about this before, and the replies were very helpful. Trying to get air in results in a "pfft" sound which I assume means it was successful, although when I remove my finger it seems to flatten again (without any sound or feeling of air escaping). I suspect that my muscles might be crushing it. I am a teenager and run often, also occasionally use weights. My cervix seems to be taking up space inside the cup. The combination of these results in decreased capacity and the cup leaking when it's barely half full. It's frustrating and gets painful having to empty every three hours.

After reading through posts on the forum, I found out that a round bottomed cup is useful for people with dangly cervixes for capacity, and that the usual recommendation was a fleurcup. However, the cup is really soft, I don't think it would work for me. I've read through as many comparison charts as I could find, and will continue checking. I would like to try a silicone cup like the lunette, but I'm worried about it being softer than the classic meluna. Also been considering the medium sport meluna. I was wondering if there were any other recommendations?
Tags: buying decisions, lunette, meluna

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