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09 July 2015 @ 11:52 am
I received an email a few days ago about a new product LadyCup is selling - LadyProtectors. They are just finger cots (think condoms for fingers). You'd have to use at least three per cup emptying episode.

It makes me a bit sad. I get it. Once they gain a customer, that customer likely does not need their services again for 5+ years. I understand why they try to flog cleaning solutions, cleaning vessels, pouches, new colours, glittery cups, etc. But one of the reasons I committed to using menstrual cups is the environmental factor, which is out the window if I start buying finger cots and vag wipes and cup wipes and then a new cup just because I want a different colour (please don't interpret that as me judging anyone who buys a cup because of its colour - it's so tempting! The marketing works!).

I guess I'm pretty passionate about cups, and I want the companies to succeed, but not by having a negative impact on the environment, or making us feel like we should be uncomfortable with our natural processes.

I'm obviously not a marketing person, but I feel like there must be another way. Has anyone noticed companies trying some sort of refer-a-friend scheme? I have never seen any advertising for cups. Should they be advertising, and should they be gearing it towards the eco-friendly types? I bought Thinx underwear, maybe menstrual cup companies should be linking better with companies that offer similar products? Maybe instead of trying to sell us cup-related products that we really don't need, they should be trying to sell us other reusable products? For example, I have quite the collection of reusable coffee cups, and they all get heavy use. Cups cups cups. And there are some beautiful grown-up lunchboxes around.

Sorry for the rant. Happy menstrual cupping, everyone!
phoquephoque on July 9th, 2015 04:35 am (UTC)
Yes, you are right, there would be some people who need to use something to protect their hands. Gloves are quite widely available though, and I'd choose them over finger cots if I required them. I am a nurse and had to quickly get over the shock of waste - cost-benefit wise, you just have to accept that certain items are not reusable, and are just necessary. But these things are generally unnecessary for cup use.

Maybe I just question the use of wipes in general. Wet paper towel is all I use if I am not in a totally private bathroom. I'd probably look into the wipes designed for cups if I was travelling.

I love this community, it seems to be generally quite practical and impartial. I hope it still comes up in a Google search so that new users find it, learn from our newbie experiences, and work out what extra accessories/products they will and will not need when they buy a cup.