Rebecca Slone (fl0werfinder) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Rebecca Slone

Super Jennie new U.S. Made cup

Greetings! I'm a new member and long time lurker :). Does anyone have any info on the new USA made "super Jennie?" Super hero cup? It's brand new to the market. It's exciting to have new domestic options!

I see one size and color available. Looks SUPER big. Over 40 ml capacity?! If they are going for the teen market I would think super small would be a better bet but no one asked my opinion.

Packaging has comic superhero theme which I can't decide if I think it's cute or funny. Or both. The cup claims to "slam bullies." Cups really do solve all your problems don't they!? I swear I'm not Jennie in real life!

If anyone has used the cup to slam a bully you must share :)
Tags: buying decision, buying decisions, news, weekly news
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