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Cup collection! My thoughts on a bunch of cups

Greetings fellow cuppers! I realized this morning that I have accumulated my fair share of cups over the years. This community has helped me a lot, and seeing the comparison photos has been really interesting and helpful. Thought I'd return the favor and show off my collection.

In order, we have: Muluna (XL), Fleur (L), Sckoon (sm), Luv Ur Body (medium), LadyCup (L), and Yuuki (L).

My Cup Journey, pics, and thoughts on my cups (below cut):

First, I had a small Diva cup. This was definitely a step up from tampons and pads, but I still had to wear backup for the first few days of my period because of the leaking. The last few days, I could go backup free. (The diva cup got accidentally punctured during travel, which is why I no longer have it in my collection.)

Second, I got a large a Yuuki, which was my sole cup for several years. It definitely gave me more leak-free mileage than the Diva, but I still spotted even when the cup was way below full and outright leaked at night. I couldn't figure this one out and it drove me crazy! I guess the Yuuki just never formed a very good seal with my body? Still, spotting was better than bleeding solely onto a pad, and I was a broke-ish student at the time, so I settled.

I eventually got a LadyCup, thinking for some reason that I might get a better seal than the Yuuki. No luck. The large, low-set holes meant this was one of the leakiest cups I'd tried. I don't think the squishy bottom helped, as my pelvic floor muscles are, ahem, well developed. It was also so slippery to take out! And the uber-firm and springy rim made the contents go *flying* upon removal. Some people rave about this cup, and it has its merits; it was certainly not for me. Good things about this cup? It's very smooth, and apart from the rim, very soft.

Someone on this site told me my first-two-day leaking might be due to a dangly cervix taking up space in the cup, and that a blunt-based cup might give me more mileage. Enter, the large Fleur! Oh baby, this cup is awesome. I can easily go 3-5 hours straight leak-free on my heavy days. I can't get it more than 2/3-3/4 full without leaking. And it always overfills at night, so I need backup! Still, this was a revolution in leak-protection for me. It's also super comfy and one of the most affordable cups on the market. I would recommend anyone "on the fence" to start with a Fleur because it's a very low risk investment (i.e. it's super cheap!), and I think has a high goldilocks potential for a lot of people. Easy to open, easy to grip, and can better address dangling-cervix than pointy-based cups.

Then I got a Sckoon! This was purely to spoil myself. I could only purchase one in size small where I'm at, but oh lordy, I fell in love with this cup as my go-to for light days. It takes a bit of coaxing to open, but it's one of the comfiest cups I've tried. Very smooth, so absolutely no irritation for insertion/removal. I get such a great seal, too. The only downside is capacity, so this isn't great for my heavy days. Though I sometimes wear it on heavy days when I'm just around the house and can pop to the bathroom frequently. 10/10 for comfort on the Sckoon. And yes, the seal is phenomenal. If I had a lighter flow, this would absolutely be goldilocks. It is for three days of my cycle! One note: I have a medium-to-high cervix, so this does require a fair bit of reaching and bearing down to remove. If you have a challenge with removing high-riding cups and have a high cervix, this cup is not for you. Probably great for low-cervixes though, as it's tiny, yet has great capacity for its size.

Still, I wanted a cup to get my through the night without leaks, especially for an upcoming trip I'm taking this summer (really don't want to stain any hosts' sheets!) so I recently added a Meluna XL and Medium Luv Ur Body to my collection. I haven't had the chance to try these newbies on my cycle yet, so I'll share my impressions so far**.

**There was a delay for when this post actually got published. In the meantime, I was able to use the MeLuna and LUB on my cycle***. Wrote about my experiences with these two cups here:

***Spoiler alert: Found my golidlocks!

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