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Lena Cups?

Anyone tried a Lena Cup? They're really pretty (for all that they're pink), made in California, FDA safe; here's the website:
and the picture from the website:

Measurements (S/L) (according to website):
diameter: 40/45 mm
cup body: 46/50.7 mm
w/ stem: 71/70.5 mm
capacity: 25/30 mL

Sold on Amazon:
currently (7/2/2015) $24.95

And they look like they'd be great for the dangly cervix given wide bottom, but this is the only review I can find (apart from on Amazon, where there are currently 5 5star reviews)

So I thought I'd stick all this here and see if anyone had tried them and could say if they were as nice as they look. It also apparently has a softer rim and harder body, which they say helps with insertion/removal?

UPDATE: I also sent them an email at as they recommend with sizing questions. (I gave a lot of the info people post here: approx. cervix height, physical activity, and regular flow) It was around 8 California time. I got a (blank) response immediately. Before the hour was up, I got another response, apologizing for the blank email, and recommmending a size.
"I just hit Send by mistake and sent you a blank email previously, apologies for this!
I am thrilled that you are considering buying a LENA cup and am here to help you make an informative decision. Thank you for providing all of the below details, this really helps me to asses your need and make a recommendation.
I am certain that you will do really well LENA Small - the cup is ideal for a young woman like yourself, especially since you are fit, have strong pelvic muscles and have a regular flow. The rim of the LENA cup is very gentle and allows for easy insertion and removal and you can use the C-fold with great success."
She also offered me a slight discount, and told me
"We are very happy that we can offer the LENA cups at a competitive price, we truly want price to not be an issue when women decide to switch to a menstrual cup. LENA is made in California and is FDA-registered so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest certified quality possible."

And even,
"If you choose LENA and, once you have your period, you think that you would have done better with LENA Large, please get in touch me with me again and I would happily resolve that issue for you."

I think this was very nice, especially given the lateness of the hour.

I do think they might reference "women" a bit too much on their site, but they have lots of tips, not just for cups, but also for bloating, cramps, diet, and excercise. I luckily don't suffer much from that sort of thing, but if any of you do, you might want to check out their site (under "inspiration" ?). Note: it is quite "crunchy"
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