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Goldilocks at last??? :D Thoughts on the Luv Ur Body (Medium)

I am in awe of my be-Luv-ed new cup; I just managed to fill my newest silicon cup to its full, up-to-the-holes 37.5 ml capacity with absolutely NO SPOTTING prior to actually reaching this maximum capacity. This is a first for me! I've always had minor spotting at the halfway point with other cups, growing to progressively worse leaks after filling halfway. With the medium LUB, I had absolutely no spotting before the cup was actually at its overflow point! The biggest problem for me finding my goldilocks has been a) capacity, as I bleed about 60 ml on my second day, and b) maintaining a reliable seal filling past the halfway point. Luv Ur Body has solved both of these issues for me, and I'm so unbelievably psyched about it right now! Goldilocks cups DO come true! Eeeee!

A few quick thoughts on this cup: I found the Luv Ur Body had very smooth silicon, comfortable for insertion, and very easy to rinse clean. Yes, it's a bulky cup, and it can be problematic to open if, say, you really have to poop, but in general, it was pretty easy to pop open and seal. As it's a tall cup, this could be really great for people with high cervixes who have issues with removal for shorter cups. I'd say I have a moderate-height cervix (fluctuates between two knuckles depth and full finger), and I have been able to use this cup without a hitch, getting the cup to fit around my cervix, but the base to sit above my pubic bone. The cup is a bit squishy, so if you're cervix is on the lower side, it could be problematic, as your lower pelvic floor muscles or pelvic bone might squish the bottom and cause leaks.

I also had the opportunity to try out the XL meluna on this cycle and was very pleased! I found it seals very well. Not quite as smooth as the LUB (the TPE feels a bit dry going in), but I like how the TPE material is heat sensitive and sort of molds to my shape, and the capacity is quite good. I found it to be quite an excellent cup for heavy days (though it needs changing more often than LUB), and it gave an outstanding, leak-free performance overnight when I conked out for 8.5 hours. :)

Cups are awesome. Goldilocks cups are life changing. I have two goldilocks now, and I'm so happy.
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