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Anatomy or cup?

Hi guys,
I've been using a cup on and off for the past year. I now have two, both cheap and unbranded (yeah, yeah, I know). The main reason it's been on and off is it always leaks. Well, except for one time I had it in and it didn't leak, but I don't know what was different. At any rate, it seems to be more than residual slobber.
On to the question. I felt around and couldn't find my cervix, so I assumed it was high and got a long cup (I think it's a Cozy Cup, but as I said, unbranded). The stem always poked out. Recently (ie yesterday) I realized my problem might be that the cup was too long and maybe I've been pushing it past my cervix so I felt around again. Now, in all the pictures I've seen, the canal's pretty much a straight shot to the cervix. But yesterday, there was something squishy. The cervix is supposed to feel like a nose, so I kept feeling around and might or might not have found a hole in the squishyness and through that something that felt like a nose with a dimple in it (ie cervix, unless it was just my intestine). So I tried again today and only felt the squishyness with the dimple/hole in it. I looked up some more info and the cervix is supposed to be squishy when ovulating, but ovulation should not be happening during menstruation, right? So is the squishy a dangly cervix and thus the cause of the leaks or is it something I need to get checked out? Or is it just the vaginal walls being a bit more tent-like than I anticipated?
After noticing this, I did try turning my cup inside out to go to sleep (put in 11 pm), which made it much more cozy (haha, get it? Cause it's a cozy cup? I'm so funny) but I woke up around 5:30 am with a bubbling feeling and luckily I was wearing a cloth pad.
I also realized that my semi-punch down fold hasn't always been opening all the way (silly me, I assumed that if the base was rounded out the top was too) and have since (a whole two days! At least, when I used the cup in that time) been checking more carefully, but the leaks are still happening.
Also, I sometimes have problems removing it. I have a hymen that I think is still mostly intact (nothing up me but a cup) if slightly stretched (from removal adventures with said cup), which is probably contributing to my problems. My first cup has a stiff (ish) rim, and I cannot get it out without either pain or folding it to the point that most of the collected gunk comes out while the cup is still inside. While the second cup has a softer rim and easier to remove with less folding, I've only gotten to use it a handful of times (first cycle with it) and it's during this particuarly leaky month.
I think this is the first cycle I've noticed the bubbling feeling accompanied by leaking. Any help would be appreciated!

UPDATE: I have been having better luck today; kept it in 3 hours, filled halfway with no leakage (that I noticed -- there was some fresh gunk, but I think it was probably slobber) and four hours (again filled halfway, but a whole lot spilled out so I don't know how full it was before I took it out and it did leak). The four hours was before the three hours, btw. I've been manually popping it open when it's about 3/4 of the way in and then running my finger around it (twice!) to make sure my cervix is not to the side of it (which led to hands covered in blood after the four hours one but only a finger covered in it after the 3)
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