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Dangly Cervix after years of cup use?

I am an adoring fan of menstrual cups. I got my first one in 2006. It arrived and I eagerly looked forward to the first cycle I could use it. I got pregnant that same month, so I couldn't use it until my periods restarted at 14 months post partum in 2008. Just a few months of wearing my cup, I went to Belize and my period started a week early. I swam with sharks with my cup in and the blood stayed put and didn't attract them to me. I also spent a day innertubing down a river with nowhere to change my cup, and was super glad I wasn't dripping pink water by the end of the day. Discovering the cup was a life changer.

I used to have a high cervix, and could barely reach it when looking for the IUD strings (2006, right before I got pregnant with baby #2). Now my vaginal vault is short and my cervix is dangly. Obviously since then I've had another baby and have aged another 8 years, but I guess I'm kind of worried that the suction from the cup has created pressure on my cervix and MADE it dangly in the past few years. Is that possible or am I just wrongly blaming my changing/aging body on the cup? It really CAN'T suck my cervix down, can it?

See, I've been dealing more and more lately with leaks, and it seems like my cup is full of cervix and leaves no room for menstrual fluid. When I pull out the cup, it's often pretty empty, even though I'm leaking, and then I have a gush of blood and clots from my vagina as I'm sitting there on the toilet. I have a super heavy flow, but a short vagina/dangly cervix, so I can only use short cups. I do have a MeLuna that is comparable in size to the large diva cup, but it's really too long and the tip protrudes through the vaginal opening, even with the ball cut off completely. I've just ordered a MeLuna Large Shorty in hopes it will help with the high capacity need while being as short as my smaller old MeLuna (which I think was a medium, but I'm not sure).

Anyway, I love this community and would love to hear what you think about if there could be a correlation between cup use and an eventual dangly cervix. I sure hope not. Also, if you can offer advice on heavy flow + dangly cervix + short vagina, that'd be great.
Tags: cervix position, meluna

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