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Strange pain when using Divacup

Hi all,

I am relatively new to using menstrual cups (about the last year or so), and they solve a lot of problems for me! I have a very heavy flow, and I love that I don't need to worry about leaking constantly. On my heavy days, I often leak within 2 hours of using a tampon, so I really want to be able to keep using my Divacup 2.

Unfortunately, I'm having some pretty intense pain associated with using the cup every single time I have my period...

I'm normally slightly crampy, feeling the pain in my midsection below my belly button. The pain I feel with the cup is totally different than this cramping. Usually, things go like this:

Day 1 of period: Insert cup. Leave it in all day with no pain whatsoever. It feels like I have nothing at all!

Days 2-3: Heavy days. Wake up with a very full cup and (usually) small leak. This is the day that the pain begins. After inserting the cup, within 5 minutes or so I begin to feel cramping locally in my vagina. It can get pretty intense, and feels more like sharp gas pains (but located in the vagina itself). If I sit down too hard or sit in a position that impacts the cup area, I often have a jolt of pain and yelp from it. This pain increases briefly when I take out the cup but subsides after 2-3 minutes and is completely absent until I put the cup back in. Occasionally, during this pain, I feel like I need to make a bowel movement, but I actually don't. Sometimes the cramping is so bad that I can't put the cup in again for a while.

Days 4-6ish: Back to no pain at all. I wear it in complete comfort.

Because I'm using the cup the same way every time, I don't think it's a matter of inserting it incorrectly or anything like that. I don't have leaks during these days and I am sure that the cup is fully opened inside. This is a pattern that repeats these exact days of my period every month.

What the heck?!?! I haven't been able to find any description of this exact situation on the forums (sorry if I missed it?) and none of my friends have had this experience. Does anyone else have this? Is there some troubleshooting I could do? Is the cup too large for me? I am mid-thirties, no children, but large-framed and very heavy flow, thus the 2. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
Tags: cramps, divacup, sizes/size issues
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