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Cup suggestions for a preteen


It's been a while since I've come around...
My 11 year old daughter started menstruating this spring and has so far chosen to use pads. We've talked about cups (she knows that's what I use), but she hasn't been super interested - until now...
With it being summer, she may have to back out of swimming with friends later this week. We talked about tampons since they're easy access and she'd have time to practice between now and Friday, but she's even more nervous about that than the idea of a cup.

She knows I've used cups for years - I currently use a Skooncup and have used a LadyCup in the past.

I was thinking about getting her a Skooncup, too, but then I saw the EvaCup and a few others on Amazon and realized there are really so many options these days... I've gotten indecisive!

I am contemplating getting her both a small Skoon and a small Eva so that she can play around and figure out what works best for her...
Any special suggestions (cup and usage) for a young, first time cup user?

Tags: age, buying decision, evacup, first time use, lady cup, tampons

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