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How exactly does one get a cup out? Cup suggestions?

You'd think this would be obvious, what with all the reading/researching/youtubing I've done!
Yo all. I'm hoping for just your basic cup ideas, "where the heck is my cervix," and "how the hell do these things work" help like everyone else on this community (sub? group?).
I've measured my cervix the past couple days of my period (the first two days of it really), standing, with one leg on a toilet (is that how I should do it?), and haven't been able to reach it (I think, could I be passing it?). My middle finger is 3ish inches, but I'm not sure if I've reached it all in. So I guess I have a high cervix, which is rather unfortunate because I'm freaked out about being able to get out a cup--I have never even really used tampons before. Because scratchy and weirded out by my body--but no more!
I've been planning to get the Lunette model 1 (because I'm a virgin, though 19, and not a tampon-user). But the Ruby cup also seems nice--but probably the small, even though it's new. I fear now though that they would be too short. Maybe the Lily? And, like everyone with a moderate flow, I think I have a heavy flow, and it lasts a week.
Do I need to be able to stick two fingers in in order to get it out? Do people just reach their pointer finger and middle finger in, pinch the stem, and then pull? How do you break the seal then? Do people somehow, magically, also fit their thumb in? And, of course, I imagine the blood absolutely spilling everywhere. But, eh, it's just a little blood.
Should I just go ahead and order a Lunette? I found a coupon code that's only good until the end of June...
It's SMR2015 incase any of you didn't know but wanted to.
Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, hymen, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lilycup, lunette, removal, ruby cup, sexual activity, sizes/size issues, tampons, virginity

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