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Thinking of Giving up on the Cup! Any advice?

I'm 21 years old and a virgin. This is my first try with a menstrual cup. I love the idea of it but I cannot get the hang of it! I have 5 different Melunas. The Classic in small and medium, The Sport in medium, and the shorty classic in both small and medium. I am so frustrated. This is my SEVENTH cycle trying to get the hang of it. I have zero problems with insertion or removal but so, so many leaks! I put the cup in, everything seems great and then I will go to pee later and see blood dripping into the toilet and eventually a full on leak. I've tried the seven fold, C fold and the punch down fold. I've tried pushing the cup up absolutely as far as a can-This worked awesome for one entire cycle and I thought I had it down-but this cycle I am leaking all over again. I've so many different "depths" into the vagina, and positions. I'm losing my patience. I get a good suction, it seems like it is opening all the way as well. But lo and behold, there is blood in the cup and everywhere else. Does anyone have any tips? Did anyone else take this long to get it together? It would so freaking wonderful if I did't bleed everywhere every single cycle! My cervix is high. The shorty melunas did not work for me, as my cervix is too high and also need the higher capacity. I like the texture and the ring stem of the melunas I just need to stop leaking! Please help me figure this out.
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