notjustash (notjustash) wrote in menstrual_cups,

crazy cycles?

Hello, everyone! Im new to this forum and have been lurking for a while. Ive tried to search this but havent been able to find anything....

Im 31 and have been menstruating since i was 14. Ive gone from pads to tampons and back to pads in that time. I have had an extremely normal cycle from the get go. Im not on any hormonal birth control and havent been since i was 18. I have had a paragard iud for over 4 years and the only thing that changed with that was my bleeding got heavier. (From 5 day cycle to 6/7 days)

I have been using cups exclusively for 5 cycles and LOVE them. (I will never go back to disposables!) I have 3 different ones that i cycle question-
My period has been super unpredictable since the switch. My 2nd cycle was 3 days of bleeding then 3rd was 8 then a normal one, then a late (by almost a week),long (8 /9 days) now im not due for my period until next week and ive started bleeding today...

Is this something that happens? I have no other health issues, nothing new stress-wise. Is my body just confused with the switch?? Haha

Any insight would be helpful!!

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