atremendousfish (atremendousfish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal help!

I recently got my first menstrual cup, a Lily Cup size A, and I'm currently on my first period using it. I've got insertion down at this point, but it still usually takes me forever to get it out. Does anyone have any tips for removal when I can only comfortably get one finger any appreciable distance into my vagina at once? I can grab the stem because it's really close to the opening of my vagina, sometimes even sticking out, but I have issues breaking the seal. I can usually pull it down some without breaking the seal, but that's a little uncomfortable and also kind of freaks me out because I'm not sure if the suction from pulling without breaking the seal is harming my cervix or something. I have a lot of hymen going on and I really want this to work--please help!
Tags: hymen, removal - painful or problems
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