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Another Doctor's view on Cups

When I was first researching menstrual cups, I was very curious about what medical professionals have to say about it (if anything) and I had only found a handful of entries/blogs about it and half of them were doctors/nurses saying they didn't know about them or that it's not good. So here is one more story that will hopefully even things out for anyone researching cups as much as I did.

My doctor talks through the step-by-step process during a PAP to ease the tension, and while he was explaining that the extra pressure I was feeling was from the speculum I said that it didn't feel much different than inserting my menstrual cup, to which he didn't bat an eye and essentially agreed it would be a similar feeling. So 1) He knew about menstrual cups and 2) Had no serious opinion of them.

I hope this was helpful to at least someone out there! Also, if you have a similar story (or entirely different) I would love to hear it in the comments. I'm still interested in the different viewpoints doctors/nurses have on cups.

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