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Copper IUD & Mooncup

So, I've been using my Mooncup for about 3 months now. I'm very pleased with it, it has made my menstrual cycle earlier (so now I only bleed heavy on weekends, which is like a dream, YAY!), faster (1,5 day heavy bleeding, than just spotting) and a lot more comfortable! I still have some cramps and severe PMS, but a menstrual cup can't fix everything, right?!

Anyway since a few months I have a boyfriend. I hadn't been using birth control for over a year because I didn't like what the hormones did with my state of mind. Now since we are sexually active, I decided to go for a copper IUD. So now I have it. Since I am not allowed sexual activity a week after placement, I asked my gynecologist for advice on the use of the moon cup in this week. I was shocked when she asked what it was. She was totally against menstrual cups, said you couldn't get it cleaned properly and sterile and there would always be bacteria of your own staying stuck on it like Streps… First of all I wonder if she is talking about toxic shock syndrome here? Can someone explain further?

Now I guess I better use pads in my first week with the IUD… But she was kinda advising not to ever use the moon cup again, claiming it was not save… I sure as hell don't want to go back to tampons forever, so I am asking on your experience with copper IUD and Mooncup. Is it okay? I'm kinda worried it will get sucked out or something :P
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