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The cup may have caused me to prolapse

I am on the verge of tears as I am writing this. I don't want to scare anyone away from cups, but I want to provide a warning to anyone who may be interested in using cups and to anyone who is currently using cups. I hope that by doing this, I can spare them from what I am dealing with. For information, I am 13 years old and I used the Divacup (model 1).

It all started around five months ago. Like everyone else, I was looking for a way to manage my periods easier. I found pads uncomfortable and messy, and I feared that I would spend lots of money buying tampons every month, which my parents might eventually catch on to. It was then that I discovered the Divacup. I bought one at the local Whole Foods and used it in secret from my parents.

When I first started using the cup, my vagina was fine. My hymen was intact and everything was working normal. At some point in time, the cup broke my hymen, as I expected it would. It was fine, I didn't care about it anyway.

About two or three months ago, I have been noticing a bulge in the front wall of my vagina, and I posted previously here asking what it could be, and another user replied that it might've been just normal bulky tissue, which reassured me.

However, this month, the cup felt noticeably uncomfortable. I took it out and discovered that I could hardly fit anything into my vagina anymore, the bulge was blocking my vaginal entrance. I could barely even fit a finger in without extreme discomfort.

I googled this, and I may have a cystocele, which is a prolapse of the bladder into the vagina. It sounds like what I am currently experiencing. People with cystoceles usually get it after childbirth, since the vaginal muscles are stretched and thus weakened. Though I have not had childbirth (obviously because of my age), the menstrual cup could have had the same effect on me. I told my mother about it, omitting the fact that I use a menstrual cup. She scheduled an appointment with my pediatrician, which is tomorrow. I will update you guys on the diagnosis.

I know that this is all theoretical, but I feel that there must be a correlation. Given my age, it is unlikely that I would have a cystocele this young if I hadn't used a menstrual cup. I feel hopeless and ruined. I am far too young to have to deal with something like this, which may affect me for the rest of my life. Though the menstrual cup dates back to the 1930s, it is not commonly used and there have not been many medical studies conducted on it. I cannot control what other people put into their vaginas, but I hope that I will prevent someone from having the same issue as me someday. Please wish me luck, I feel that I will really need it.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for all of the good words and advice. I went to see my pediatrician today, and she examined me, saw that there was some bulky tissue blocking the entrance to my vagina, and referred me to a gynecologist, who(m, for you picky grammar people :P) I'll be seeing on Thursday. I asked her if I could still use tampons, and she said it was fine as long as there wasn't any major discomfort. I'm currently using my cup and being extra cautious and making sure it isn't uncomfortable or anything. Again, thank you everyone for your support :)

UPDATE 2: I overreacted, I'm fine.

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