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I'm 13, a virgin(not that it matters that much when I'm talking about a cup size, I guess.), I have a high cervix, and I'm just really tight down there. I just started using my DivaCup (size 1) and I think it might be too big for me, but I don't want to go out and buy another cup and possibly waste another $20 on something that has the same problem. It is very uncomfortable for me when I put it in me, and I'm not sure if it's part of the 'learning curve' that comes with using a menstrual cup for the first time, or if I didn't insert it correctly, or if it's just not a good cup for me. The cup does open up inside of me, but it opens like this; ) ( where it's kind of squeezed, but it does create a seal. Is that okay for it to be like that, or should it be completely open without it being squeezed?

I don't have any other problems with my Diva cup as of right now, just that it is very uncomfortable when inside of me. Also, it's very uncomfortable to get out and it stretches me alot, but I get the feeling it would be like that if I used any other cup(?).

Any tips on how to make it not as painful/uncomfortable? Could I try putting it up higher? What cup should I look into if I've tried everything and nothing has helped?Thank you for the advice in advance!
Ashatenlegspider on May 29th, 2015 08:12 am (UTC)
Your vagina is flexible and can comfortably fit more than a cup, as long as it's sufficiently relaxed and lubricated (the relaxing is the challenge). I think we all swell a bit in that whole area as blood flow increases, but this affects sensitivity more than space (extra sensitivity will make things feel tighter though).

Perhaps the feeling of it being too big is something to do with your pubic bone, but at this stage I think it's better to put it down to the learning curve. You might have irritated the walls as the cup went in due to tension, or it felt wrong because it didn't find the right position. If you get more comfortable getting it in and out but it still feels wrong inside, then consider a different cup.

Melunas are quite cheap, so you might like to get one for now (as a very small cup might be easier to deal with at the moment), but I have no idea what would suit you long-term. I've only ever used two models and both were fine. I think most people can use most cups.