spartansass (spartansass) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to cups, having trouble with leaking

Hey everyone,
I have been browsing through other threads trying to find the solution to my leakage issues, but nothing has provided me with the "ah-ha" moment.

I am 22, no children, and sexually active. I am using the Lunette model 2.

This is my second cycle using my cup. Most of the problems are during the first couple days of my period when my flow is heaviest. During this time it takes the full length of my middle finger to feel my cervix, which tells me it is high. It also seems to protrude out quite a bit and it almost rests against the floor of my vaginal canal. (Are there any cup users out there that can relate to this cervix positioning?)

I use the punch-down fold and the cup pops open fine. I suppose I am achieving a seal, but I'm not positive. (Any tips on how to be sure?)
I tend to position the cup closer to the opening of my vagina, just far enough in so that the stem (trimmed short) does not stick out or poke me. What I don't understand is why my cup starts seriously leaking when it is a little under half full. Other posts say that probably means I have a dangly cervix. However, if my cervix is high and I am placing the cup close to the opening of my vagina should that still effect my cup capacity?
I've experimented with attempting to insert the cup further inside, closer to my cervix, but that method doesn't seem to work at all. I usually start to leak quickly and only have a little blood in the cup. Could this mean that because my cervix practically hugs the floor of my vagina inserting the cup further back means I am placing it above and past my cervix?

Any help, tips, and comments are appreciated!
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, lunette

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